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Friday, February 4, 2011

Indian Robot Terminator, Transformer, GODZILLA!

I was on the you tube and I found the most ultimate 20 minute movie EVAR! It is this youtube movie called          Endiharin or something. it is an Indian movie about this dude. This dude is an uber ninja who can clone and all this awesome stuff. here are some screen shots:


Kieran RULEZ

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Curse you Superintendant! and Crowns player rights!

Yeah I'm mad. Why you may ask? Well I'll tell ya. Reason number one is in real life. The superintendant of my school district gave me school on Wednesday. We didn't have school on Tuesday because it was -3F and the was about 2 inches of snow and the roads were icy. Then the next day it is -13F, wind chill, -30 FREAKIN F! And we had school! I did want to wake up. When I got to school I was okay except for cold and half the my major was absent. I ended up getting a headache and leaving school early! Lucky me!
Number two. The new benefits for member subscribers.
Why do they get all that stuff! We pay just as much if not more! Oh! Just because subscribers give Kingsisle the credit card information means that crowns players who spend just as much get less rights?! We need to pay for:
1-every area-we get them permenently
2-elixers/beastmaster set if we want to continuously train our pets or garden
3-Crowns items
4-Pvp and pet derby.
Now for our benefits over subscribers:
1-We get every area permenently
2-No pressure of losing our subscriptions

Here is what subscribers have over us:
1-Acsess to every area for a flat rate
2-Acsess to pvp and pet derby
Now with the new updates:
3-backpack 120
4-doubled crafting recharge
5-doubled pet energy refill
6-even more
Sorry I don't rant much but I hadto here. Happy Valentine's day!