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Sunday, November 28, 2010

So long and thanks for all the fish.

I'm gonna have to shut this thing down for a while. My grades are low and I have to get them up if I want to stay at my school. Also I might get a new laptop for Christmas, the current one is crap. It only has a 2 gig memory and 101 gig harddrive. lol It can hardly run W101. The new one's gonna have a 4 gig memory and 500 gig hard drive and 17.3 inch screen. Also Kieran Stormcaller hit Legendary on a quest from Defoe in the Crab Emp. Drake is in the crucible and lvl 47.
Gardening seems cool though I'm really excited for Celestia furniture. Hopefully it will be live by my Brithday: Jan 1.
Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!
That's it and like the dolphins I must leave the planet due to it's soon coming doom.
So long and thanks for all the fish
BUT like Arnold Schwartzenaeger

Friday, November 19, 2010

Newest Biggest Housing Project

I am outfitting mt Dragon's Fjord to be like the island where... GENERAL ZAROFF resides in the book:

 this may be the best book I read.It's about a dude called Rainsford and he's a hunter. He gets washed up on this island where General Zaroff:

Lives Zaroff is a bad guy and he hunts humans in a three day chase through his island. If they havent been caught after those three days Zaroff lets them free. If they refuse to hunt then Zaroff sends them to his servant IVAN;

um I mean Peggy:
No I mean Ivan so lets get this house started-

-The Leviathan

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Us wizards

They have defeated Malistaire. Alone
They have gotten Spinyfish from Cthulu. On their first try.
They are so powerful that they could defeat Ambrose. And Gamma.
They eat Draconians. For a snack.
They have so many houses they cant fill them all.
They are so awesome that Chuck Norris follows them.
They are so smart that they made millions. Off of a hat.
If they beat you in a PvP match you would have to fight off the unbearable urge to thank them.
They are the most interesting Wizards in the Spiral.
They hardley ever drink beer but when they do they drink Dos Equis.
Stay thirsty my friends.

-K. Stormcaller
(I do not drink beer btw.)


Micheal Bennet (democrat) Annihilated Ken Buck (rebublican) in the race for colorado senator!
Bennet got 8,000 votes 88% of them!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My IRL blog.

WARNING DO Not read on if:
You dont want to know my real name
You dont want to know the school I go to
You dont want to hear about the overly dramatic social life me and my friends have
Minor language
A bit more
Here it is:
The Chronicles of Zeus
-K. Stormcaller

Monday, November 1, 2010

Why world, why?

Why this cruel world? Thursday October 28, my life changed for the worse. My girlfriend dumped me. This is kinda how the conversation went:
Her) hey can we talk? (ahh the 4 words no guy wants hear!)
Me) yea wats up?? (I knew what was coming)
Her) u stil like me rite?
Me) yea of corse
(long awkward silence)
Her) as more than just a frend rite?
(even longer awkwarder silence)
Me) um... yea i ges
Her) o..wel.. im gonna tell u sumthing u mite be mad at me
Me) wat??? i wont be mad
Her) may b weer just betr of as frends...
(very long awkward silence)
Me) oh okay then...

I am sure hardley any of you know how hard it is recovering from a broken heart. It hurts. allot. It hurts like hell. Sorry for the colorful language but you dont know how it is.