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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today (and about a week)

I was just leveling my White Rat Magician; Mister Bosco Snuffles Winston Niles McWaterston IV, he has made it to teen:

REALLY happy about that Myth Aura, sigh, happy it's not something like MythShot...

Well Anyways now working on Kishibe Village, should be at Plague Oni anytime now.
-Kieran Drake


Enter my contest to win:




NOW imagine all that Wizard101 style k?

Kieran Stormcaller

Friday, August 27, 2010


:D Okay I know that the Wayfinder stuff is now: NO AUCTION. BUT Wayfinder scheme still lives. Just take a look at this guide:
Step 1: have 1999 gold lying in your pocket and acsess to Dragonspyre.
Step 2: Go to the "seamstress lady" that is what I call her, and buy any of her hats and robes. I chose the dracomancer's hat. It will cost 1088 gold

look familliar? Yes. When you bought the wayfinder hat back from the bazaar (:( good times) it cost 10080 gold.
Okay once you buy this go to the dye shop (many a schemer visited here ).
Step 3: Dye it Black/Black. This will put you down 911 gold O: O: 911!

Okay now you know the drill:
Step 4: go to bazaar
Step 5: sell

Step 6: buy back in tan/tan

Repeat. You make a profit OF:
212 GOLD!!! okay so nothing compared to wayfinder helmet. BUT it is the next best thing :D

Internet Safety

 A couple of days ago I got an email from a "Mr. Issouf Usman". This person claimed he was in charge of a Bank of Africa (B.o.A.). He said that one of his clients (and all of that clients relatives) had died in a plane crash in 2000. He said that this man left (quote) "10.5 million dollars US dollars. TEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND!!" He claimed he would give me half in exchange for:
Your Full Name........................?
Your Sex.......................?
Your Age.......................?
Your Country.............................?
Your Phone No...........................?
Your Fax No.....................?
Immediately I suspected he was a stalker or something. But who knows he might have been actually giving me 10.5 million dollars... I was NOT willing to risk it. A couple of ways I saw it was a giveaway; a Bank Owner would not write this:
"...I request your response as soon as possible. i require it so i can send you the text of the document..."
The giveaway:
"...I request your response as soon as possible. i require it so i can send you the text of the document..."
A banker would NOT change between caps and well the other one in something like this. But who knows. The point is NEVER TRUST ANYONE. NEVER GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION OUT!!! Weather it is in W101 or in real life.  On you tube there is a video claiming: "FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR W101!! Just comment with your Username and Password and I will give you a free Sub!" NEVER REVEAL YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD! EVEN IF THEY ARE OFFERING YOU  10.5 MILLION DOLLARS OR 10.5 MILLION CROWNS!!! NEVER GIVE ANYTHING AWAY!!!.
Thank you for listening to my rant.
-Kieran Stormcaller

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pictures of Chracters

Name: Kieran "Bolt Master" Stormcaller
Occupation(s): Wayfinder Merchant, Interior (and exterior) Decorator, blogger
Age: 17
Favorite Color: Purple, Black, Turquoise, White
School of Magic: Storm
Information: Kieran Stormcaller; Son of Nicholas Shadow, defeated Malistaire Drake thus orphaning Kieran Drake and Kiera Drake. He graduated Ravenwood Academy with:
Storm/ A+
Ice/ N/A
Fire/ N/A
Life/ B
Death/ A
Myth/ F
Balance/ N/A

Marital Status: Dating Roslyn Ravensong

Name: Keira Stormcaller
Occupation(s): Student
Age: 15
Favorite Color: Purple, Black, Turquoise
School of Magic: Storm
Information: Sister of Kieran Stormcaller, Started helping Merle Ambrose recently, has not graduated.

Marital Status: Single

Name: Kieran Drake
Age: 14
Favorite Color: Green
Ocupation(s): Student, Theatre Owner
School of Magic: Life
Information: Kieran Drake, adopted son of Nicholas Shadow, his true father is Malistaire, he started a theatre 2 years ago.has not graduated from Ravenwood.

Marital Status: Single, has a crush on Keira Stormcaller(myth)

Name: Ronan Stormcaller
Age: 15
Favorite Color: Black
School of Magic: Death
Information: Ronan Stormcaller, son of Nicholas Shadow, his friends call him "crazy ron"

Marital Status: Single, has a "secret" crush

Name: Keira Stormcaller
Age: 13
Favorite Color: Black, Blue, Red
Ocupation(s): Student
School of Magic: Myth
Information: Keira Stormcaller, daughter of Nicholas Shadow, She changes her outfit allot and currently has three.

Marital Status: Single

Name: Roslyn Ravensong
Age: 17
Ocupation(s): Student, Pet Shop owner
Favorite Color: Black, Black, Black, and Black
School of  Magic: Death
Information: Roslyn Ravensong is a student at Ravenwood Academy at the "Grandmaster Wizard 'Back to the Basics' course.

Marital Status: Dating Kieran Stormcaller

Name: Keira Drake
Age: 13
Ocupation(s): Student
Favorite Color: Purple, Green
School of Magic: Life
Information: Keira Drake, sister of Kieran Drake, Best friend of Keira Stormcaller(myth). Kieran "accepts" her as his sister because, (quote) "She's a rebel, I like that" She dyed her hair purple much to her brother's anger.

Marital Status: Single

Name: Nicholas Shadow
Age: Unknown
Ocupation(s): Vaultkeeper
Favorite Color: Red, Black
School of Magic: Balance
Information: Not much is known of the "father of the Stormcallers". When asked what grades did you get after graduating from Ravenwood he replied: "We didnt have those fancy 'acade-ee-mice' back when I was a boy!"

Marital Status: Married to Myrna Shadow

Name: Myrna Shadow (maiden name: Wyrmeyes)
Age: Unknown
Ocupation(s): Assistant Librarian
Favorite Color: Blue, White
School of Magic: Ice
Information: Myrna Shadow is the wizard who "found" Kieran and Keira Drake after Malitstaire was defeated.

Marital Status: Married to Nicholas Shadow

Name: Arlen Dawneyes
Age: 17

Ocupation(s): Blogger
Favorite Color: Unknown
School of Magic: Myth
Information: He has been a great friend of Kieran Stormcaller since, who knows when.

Marital Status: Unknown

more in-depth discription of the characters from the last post.
-Kieran Shakespeare :P :P ;P


I have decided to make a new fan fiction. I have no idea whatsoever what to call it... It is about my characters: Kieran Stormcaller, Keira Stormcaller(storm, sister of kieran s.), Kiera Stormcaller(myth, sister of kieran s.), Ronan Stormcaller(death, brother of kieran s.), Nicholas Venom(balance, father of the stormcaller's), Kieran Drake(life, adopted son of nicholas venom, true son of Malistaire), Kiera Drake(life, adopted daughter of nicholas venom, true daughter of malistaire),Myrna Shadow(ice, mother of the stormcallers), Roslyn ravensong (death,girlfriend of Kieran Stormcaller), Oni No Death(AKA the death oni, main antagonist 'bad guy' in this one)

Those are the characters and here is the first chapter, the prologue:

The Crown of Fire

    Malistaire Drake groaned in pain as Kieran Stormcaller called forth a mighty Storm Lord to finish the job. The battlefield filled with fog, pulsing with lightning a Lord of the Skies rose out of the storm wracked ground,
“HEY!” he yelled. He reared his arm like a scorpion rears its tail, as his arm started to grab lightning out of the air Malistaire’s Soul Servants cowered in fear for they knew the worst was coming. They Storm Titan brought his furious arm down, shooting lightning at the formidable enemy. Malistaire screamed, defeated, he slumped to the ground. His spirit rose from his body and went to Sylvia Drake’s spirit.
“I only wanted the best for you…” he said the soul of his departed wife.
“Malistaire, rest now, my love you can rest now.” She responded, her voice filled with happiness and sorrow at the same time, “Now we are together again at last…” Their spirits departed into the blood-red skies of Dragonspyre.
Malistaire’s brother (Cyrus Drake) teleported into old Dragonspyre Academy headmaster’s office. “Congratulations Kieran, you have closed the cover on this unfortunate chapter. I have lost my brother, though the true Malistaire was lost long ago…”
They continued to speak but neither one of them noticed the small children wrapped in green cloth………

(note: the children are Kieran and Kiera Drake)Kieran Stormcaller
O: comment with title ideas, I might have a prize for my favorite!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A skeleton key and the War Oni

okay this post is for today andyesterday. First off on Kieran Stomcaller my Leviathan hatched and i trained it to teen here are some pictures:

HAHA they dance so funny!

Ugh, I ALWAYS get talens like tenachious! well this is definetly NOT going to be a racing pet. Lock does nothin for meh :P

Well onto my life wizard Kieran Drake. He HAD skipped a whole to of side quests so he was lvl 31 onein Mooshu but ysterday I went back and got him to Lvl 34. I also did Big Ben with Arlen Dawneyes' alt Tarlac Lifegiver. So we fought Spike the Crusher and after spending only One hndred crowns on his chest:

So then I went into mooshu and quested a little and bought a hood. today I went and did th Black widow and side quests relating to her and hen I fought the Black Widow I got an aesome robe. It is alled Widow's Bewitching Robe I think and it looks like the Jester robe except with Life symbols on it. I am TOTALLY gonna stck with that at grand master! And i totally redid my look too:

Lol i noticed this when helping Tarlac:

Today I also got to LvL 38 WOAH 7 LEVELS IN TWO DAYS!!!!
So now I am working on my Level 38 spell qust if anyone is willing to help me I would greatly appreciate it (it sends me into sunken city)
I also beat the war oni and am now in the Cave of Solitude

-Kieran Stormcaller
well today it's more kieran drake lol

Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Post Today

Okay why I am even posting this is weird. But i wont be posting today, look for a big one tomorrow.
(This does not count as a post :P)

-Kieran Stormcaller

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ravenwood Radio

Just got kicked off after Ravenwood Radio. There was still time for an after party here are some pictures.

Lol that picture has GHOST GRAVES!!!!!!!
ROFL i was standing there and went afk to the bathroom, when i got back:

Leesha Rainheart's Ascendesant Staff!!!!

Now the party had dried up and Arlen and I were waiting to get kicked off...


-Kieran Stormcaller

Third Times the Charm!

First off THIRD day of farming death bat i got:

Second Arlen's THIRD try at the warehouse, we won!!!!
LOL Ben killed the obese insect with centaur AGAIN!

Since Knuckles McCloud and the two Rat Illusionists regenerate we decided to fight the just for fun :D
Then Arlen and I decided to dance on Eskatir's grave.

And my THIRD try at hatching for something cool and i got:

That's right a LEVIATHAN

-Kieran Stormcaller

Veteran and Strategic Regroup

I did a 4v4 with Arlen Dawneyes, Malorn Willowsmith, and Alexander Somethingsomething. We started the fight and were doing good. Fallon Shadowblade even came! Then their Death wizard used Beguile on me right as I used Stormlord!!!! How could they, make me betray my fellow bloggers!!! I will have my revenge!!!

I also got to pet Veteran

YAYZ and meh second Skeletal Warrior hatched!

-Kieran Stormcaller

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Warehouse Wins for some Loses for Others

My Skeletal Warrior Hatched!!! Coincidentally it hatched in the Viktor Snowcrusher fight. :P

Okay now the Big news:
I decided to do the Warehouse with hopes to get revenge on Gloomthorn with Two Headed Wizard; Arlen Dawneyes, The Spirit Keeper; Benjamin Fairydust, and The Sorcerer of the Spiral; Malorn Willowsmith. Most of it was pretty uneventful. Here a random picture of me killing Stormclaw:

So we got to the top floor...
We killed the first rat no problemo but that turn Ben healed, this made Knuckles do the same... ZOMBIE RAT!!!!!!!!!! Then Ben, Arlen and I died, we used the "flee, collect health, sprint back to the top trick"(YEESH that's allot of floors! I ran into the battle just as Malorn died! I needed to fight them all alone! Soon when i was at half health Arlen got there we were about to die when Ben came. He healed us and Knuckles healed. We killed the two rats fast. Then knuckles killed Arlen. NOOOOOO Arlen was out of potions! He tried to get health when he got to the tower... too late :( Sorry Arlen. After a grueling fight we finally got them killed. 1 hour, 49 minutes, and 46 seconds after we started i had beaten the warehouse. Bens final strike on That ugly THING!

So tomorrow I'm gonna help Arlen do it again.
Goodluck against that THING!
-Kieran "the WEAVer wacker" Stormcaller

Monday, August 9, 2010

Translating Celestian Writing

I wuz doing the stone of mazzaroth quest and found this on the stone

If you cant see that it says
"Sphinx of Black Quartz, Judge my Vow"
the top writing looks almost greek, Celestia, ATLANTIS, HOMER, greek?
The next looks strange perhaps celestian?
here is SPHINX in the greek-ish

Now look at this:

I translated that into celestian look for future posts with more translations.

42 in the coven!

I was farming the ravens today and i noticed something strange...

In the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy 42 is the answer to space, time and everything!!!!


-uber crazy stormcaller


I know, I know this is only my second post BUT:
Okay so the prizes are:

GRAND PRIZE: A school house of your choice!
Honorable Mention(2): Scarecrow Treasure card.

This is a Dorm contest, and the rules are:

This dorm has to be themed off of any world. (including celestia)
You MUST use these objects.
Small stone vase
Firecat or Infernocat
You must send me an EMAIL stating which world your entry is from and up to three pictures of your dorm.

Email me your entries at:
i will start accepting entries AUG 14th

If i get any entries before that date those will be DISQUALIFIED!!!
good luck

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Kiran Stormcaller, grandmaster diviner, BoltMaster or Master WildBolt has entered the Wizard101 Blogosphere. :D

Let me introduce myself
I am Kieran Stormcaller and this is a wizard101 (best game ever) blog.
here am I

Yea, so I hope to be in the spiral for  long time...

Thanks to:
Arlen Dawneyes
Thomas Lionblood
for inspiring me to make this blog.
All cats, cat fans, and cat related things out there..
including whiskers, my retired storm cat.

-Kieran Stormcaller
Good luck hatching
I haven't had any I: