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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have decided to make a new fan fiction. I have no idea whatsoever what to call it... It is about my characters: Kieran Stormcaller, Keira Stormcaller(storm, sister of kieran s.), Kiera Stormcaller(myth, sister of kieran s.), Ronan Stormcaller(death, brother of kieran s.), Nicholas Venom(balance, father of the stormcaller's), Kieran Drake(life, adopted son of nicholas venom, true son of Malistaire), Kiera Drake(life, adopted daughter of nicholas venom, true daughter of malistaire),Myrna Shadow(ice, mother of the stormcallers), Roslyn ravensong (death,girlfriend of Kieran Stormcaller), Oni No Death(AKA the death oni, main antagonist 'bad guy' in this one)

Those are the characters and here is the first chapter, the prologue:

The Crown of Fire

    Malistaire Drake groaned in pain as Kieran Stormcaller called forth a mighty Storm Lord to finish the job. The battlefield filled with fog, pulsing with lightning a Lord of the Skies rose out of the storm wracked ground,
“HEY!” he yelled. He reared his arm like a scorpion rears its tail, as his arm started to grab lightning out of the air Malistaire’s Soul Servants cowered in fear for they knew the worst was coming. They Storm Titan brought his furious arm down, shooting lightning at the formidable enemy. Malistaire screamed, defeated, he slumped to the ground. His spirit rose from his body and went to Sylvia Drake’s spirit.
“I only wanted the best for you…” he said the soul of his departed wife.
“Malistaire, rest now, my love you can rest now.” She responded, her voice filled with happiness and sorrow at the same time, “Now we are together again at last…” Their spirits departed into the blood-red skies of Dragonspyre.
Malistaire’s brother (Cyrus Drake) teleported into old Dragonspyre Academy headmaster’s office. “Congratulations Kieran, you have closed the cover on this unfortunate chapter. I have lost my brother, though the true Malistaire was lost long ago…”
They continued to speak but neither one of them noticed the small children wrapped in green cloth………

(note: the children are Kieran and Kiera Drake)Kieran Stormcaller
O: comment with title ideas, I might have a prize for my favorite!

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  1. Cool! I'm out to release Part 1 of Arlen's adventures :). *thinks* Um, I have no idea what to call it either :-P ___chronicles?