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Friday, August 13, 2010

A skeleton key and the War Oni

okay this post is for today andyesterday. First off on Kieran Stomcaller my Leviathan hatched and i trained it to teen here are some pictures:

HAHA they dance so funny!

Ugh, I ALWAYS get talens like tenachious! well this is definetly NOT going to be a racing pet. Lock does nothin for meh :P

Well onto my life wizard Kieran Drake. He HAD skipped a whole to of side quests so he was lvl 31 onein Mooshu but ysterday I went back and got him to Lvl 34. I also did Big Ben with Arlen Dawneyes' alt Tarlac Lifegiver. So we fought Spike the Crusher and after spending only One hndred crowns on his chest:

So then I went into mooshu and quested a little and bought a hood. today I went and did th Black widow and side quests relating to her and hen I fought the Black Widow I got an aesome robe. It is alled Widow's Bewitching Robe I think and it looks like the Jester robe except with Life symbols on it. I am TOTALLY gonna stck with that at grand master! And i totally redid my look too:

Lol i noticed this when helping Tarlac:

Today I also got to LvL 38 WOAH 7 LEVELS IN TWO DAYS!!!!
So now I am working on my Level 38 spell qust if anyone is willing to help me I would greatly appreciate it (it sends me into sunken city)
I also beat the war oni and am now in the Cave of Solitude

-Kieran Stormcaller
well today it's more kieran drake lol

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  1. lol, I guess Drake wanted to beat the Hametsu Village right away. That will take Tarlac a bit to catch up seeing as I wasn't on yesterday :-P