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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pictures of Chracters

Name: Kieran "Bolt Master" Stormcaller
Occupation(s): Wayfinder Merchant, Interior (and exterior) Decorator, blogger
Age: 17
Favorite Color: Purple, Black, Turquoise, White
School of Magic: Storm
Information: Kieran Stormcaller; Son of Nicholas Shadow, defeated Malistaire Drake thus orphaning Kieran Drake and Kiera Drake. He graduated Ravenwood Academy with:
Storm/ A+
Ice/ N/A
Fire/ N/A
Life/ B
Death/ A
Myth/ F
Balance/ N/A

Marital Status: Dating Roslyn Ravensong

Name: Keira Stormcaller
Occupation(s): Student
Age: 15
Favorite Color: Purple, Black, Turquoise
School of Magic: Storm
Information: Sister of Kieran Stormcaller, Started helping Merle Ambrose recently, has not graduated.

Marital Status: Single

Name: Kieran Drake
Age: 14
Favorite Color: Green
Ocupation(s): Student, Theatre Owner
School of Magic: Life
Information: Kieran Drake, adopted son of Nicholas Shadow, his true father is Malistaire, he started a theatre 2 years ago.has not graduated from Ravenwood.

Marital Status: Single, has a crush on Keira Stormcaller(myth)

Name: Ronan Stormcaller
Age: 15
Favorite Color: Black
School of Magic: Death
Information: Ronan Stormcaller, son of Nicholas Shadow, his friends call him "crazy ron"

Marital Status: Single, has a "secret" crush

Name: Keira Stormcaller
Age: 13
Favorite Color: Black, Blue, Red
Ocupation(s): Student
School of Magic: Myth
Information: Keira Stormcaller, daughter of Nicholas Shadow, She changes her outfit allot and currently has three.

Marital Status: Single

Name: Roslyn Ravensong
Age: 17
Ocupation(s): Student, Pet Shop owner
Favorite Color: Black, Black, Black, and Black
School of  Magic: Death
Information: Roslyn Ravensong is a student at Ravenwood Academy at the "Grandmaster Wizard 'Back to the Basics' course.

Marital Status: Dating Kieran Stormcaller

Name: Keira Drake
Age: 13
Ocupation(s): Student
Favorite Color: Purple, Green
School of Magic: Life
Information: Keira Drake, sister of Kieran Drake, Best friend of Keira Stormcaller(myth). Kieran "accepts" her as his sister because, (quote) "She's a rebel, I like that" She dyed her hair purple much to her brother's anger.

Marital Status: Single

Name: Nicholas Shadow
Age: Unknown
Ocupation(s): Vaultkeeper
Favorite Color: Red, Black
School of Magic: Balance
Information: Not much is known of the "father of the Stormcallers". When asked what grades did you get after graduating from Ravenwood he replied: "We didnt have those fancy 'acade-ee-mice' back when I was a boy!"

Marital Status: Married to Myrna Shadow

Name: Myrna Shadow (maiden name: Wyrmeyes)
Age: Unknown
Ocupation(s): Assistant Librarian
Favorite Color: Blue, White
School of Magic: Ice
Information: Myrna Shadow is the wizard who "found" Kieran and Keira Drake after Malitstaire was defeated.

Marital Status: Married to Nicholas Shadow

Name: Arlen Dawneyes
Age: 17

Ocupation(s): Blogger
Favorite Color: Unknown
School of Magic: Myth
Information: He has been a great friend of Kieran Stormcaller since, who knows when.

Marital Status: Unknown

more in-depth discription of the characters from the last post.
-Kieran Shakespeare :P :P ;P


  1. lol! I'm going to make that for my characters next :). More info on me: My favorite color is Blue or Orange, and for the Marital status... Um... Single.

  2. I really like Kiera Stormcaller's black & turquoise outfit! Makes me want to redress one of my wizards in those colors.