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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hasta la Vista

I'm quitting. I am going to blog on my real life blog, continue playing, and be on skype but i am quitting. Why?!
1. The House! some bloggers get it and others dont?! im upset about this but not as much as i am about this:
2. HARDLY ANYONE voews my blog!! I swear only Arldn is going to comment on this post! What the hell?! All these blogger, excuse the expression, are dropping like flies!! I thnk that celestia was the worst thing that happend to W101! all these bloggers are quitting and so am i!

Hasta la Vista


  1. I'm not Arlen but I'm gonna comment anyway.

    As far as no one viewing your blog, and not many people commenting; Most people will watch in silence. You could have a lot more readers than you think.

    Anyway, I'm sorry you feel this way about quitting. Everyone will miss you.

  2. You got 11 followers in your 1st month, I don't think that's bad :). And we all have a lot of readers, although, yes, few comment. If you want more viewers and "fame" the answer is to keep blogging, but if you've decided then BYE! Let me just say your post a while back with character descriptions and me in it was very nice of you :)

  3. Dude you are a really popular blogger (can't believe I said dude). I have been blogging for almost 8 months and still only have 10 followers. You are doing really well. I hope you stay but if not then farewell

  4. I think that you are a great blogger! I have been silent... but I agree that we unknown bloggers should get some sort of pat on the back sometimes. Of course it isn't possible for all of us to get a sneak peek of the card, but I just thought to myself: KI has done worse to us. Don't you agree?

  5. Arlen is not the only one who reads your blog. We all LOVE your blog and don't want you to go. I didn't get a palace either but I am still going to blog my heart out. I was going to quit my blog a month after I started. But I knew some people read blogs and don't give feedback. So I continued and I found out a president of some company read my blog. Continue with your blog please. If you still haven't changed your mind after reading this...BYE. Still play wizards it's a fun game. :)

    -Jacob Thundersword

  6. Well, I don't think quitting is the right thing to do, but who am I to tell you what to do.

    It's your life, live it how you wish.

    On the other hand, I read your blog. I follow your blog. I have commented on your blog, a couple of times. It would have been nice for you to do the same in return.

    But, I'm not complaining. It takes some to get some. Hope you decide to stick around. I enjoy reading your posts. I enjoy reading the "unfamous" bloggers much more than those that are famous. Why? Because they have a lot more emotion in their posts, vs just writing for views, and comments. Good luck.

    Your ALMOST twin,
    Kieran Storm.