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Friday, June 17, 2011


 JESTER IS ABUSING HIS POWER!! Look at this post from Maniac Magic which I totaly agree with!! Sorry Malord if your are mad at me for copying but this is about Evil Theurgisrt not playguerizm

Chances are, this post will never be published. Chances are, that even if it is published, it will be deleted immediately. Chances are, the people will never read this. Why? Because Jester is abusing his power. Let me direct you to the post that caught my attention....
There, The Evil Theurgist says....
"So in case you did not know I was just recently banned from Wizard101 Central do to the fact that I removed the Reagent maps from Central. The maps were made by me so therefore I would have every right to remove them. The reason behind this is that 1. it is a lot harder to upload and maintain the maps through Central, which is one of the reasons I was so discouraged to update them in the first place. 2. The maps had not been updated in months. When I approached Jester telling him that I would be removing them I also asked for him to remove all of my gold and thanks accumulated from that thread as the content is no longer there so no need for credit when the thread does not exist. I also said to Jester and I am also going to say to you this is not an act of greed to get views. I also did not proved a link back to my site whatsoever. The ban seems to be permanent and the reason being under "Are you even kidding me, you are going to remove content?" And that's the end of it."

He was banned for removing his work.
Recently, he made another post.
There, he says that Jester insulted him, and spread lies, stealing his work and claiming it as his own!
I don't know about you guys, but I think this is horrible.
So go ahead Jester, delete this post, ban me from central. I don't care. I'm done with central. I'm done with you.

-Malorn Ghostrider

Stand up for the evil theurgist! It was wrong that Jester banned him. I urge you all to make similar posts on central if you can. If you want, go ahead and copy and paste this. Jester can not get away with doing stuff like this. That post won't be published because Jester is a horrible dictator. He will cover it up, pretend this never happened, anything to keep his subjects in line. Now go out there and protest.


Spread this everywhere. Post it on Central on your blog every where! Spread the word!!

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  1. I am not mad at all for your copying it, I completely agree, spread the word!