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Monday, June 6, 2011

Norse History with Kieran Stormcaller

Here I have a small, long, I dunno post about how Norse, Nordic, whatever you prefer, history ties in with Grizzleheim and Wintertusk!
First of-Names of places

Northgaurd- Nothing I know of probably just comes from guard or fortress in the north.
Savarstaad Pass- Not sure but I think it may come from Svarstad a city in Norway.
Vigrid Roughland- In Norse mythology Vígríðr is the battlefield where the gods will battle as a result of Ragnorak.
Mirkholm Keep- I do not know what this comes from.
Nidavellir- In Norse mythology Nidavellir is one of the nine worlds and the home of the dwarfs.
Jotunheim- In Norse mythology Jotunheim is the home of the Jotuns (yeas there are more) or giant trolls.
Helgrind Warren- Helgrind is the entrance to hel or the underworld.
Winterdeep Warren- I do not know.
Ravenscar- I think Kingsisle thought they made up this one but there are cities in England called Ravenscar
Hrundle Fjord- Hrundle is a word they made up and fjord- ford in Norse, first discovered by Eric the Red when he explored Greenland yadda yadda.
Austriland-Austri means East
Vestriland- Vestri means West
Sudriland- Sudri means South
Nodriland- Nodri means North

Austri,Vestri,Sudri, and Nodri are four dwarfs who represent the compasses points and hold up the dome of the world which is made from the skull of Jotun Ymir.

Bears-- (for all the names I will be doing first names only)
Baldur- Baldur is the Norse god who was killed by mistletoe thrown from his blind brother.

Nick Jonas- Nick Jonas is the Norse god of music and- wait how did this get here?!!!

Kojun- Comes more from Chinese than Norse
Dain- In Norse mythology Dain is a dwarf and Daiin is an elf.
Torald- Torald is a German name
Vidar- it is strange for a shopkeeper to have such a sybolizing name but Vidar is the son of Odin and a Jotun and he is said to avenge his father's death by killing the wolf Fenrir at Ragnorak which he is said to survive!
Erik- Erik comes from Norse meaning one or alone. :(
Huskarl- Manservents of household troops.
Eskil- A town in Turkey
Thorlief- A Norse name.
Bjorn- Norse for Bear.
Valgard- I'm sure this is wrong but "a Norse name"
Snorri- Icelandic name.
Haarek- Norwegian name.
Einar- From a Norse word for "undead warriors..." uhhhhhh?
Hagen- The 37th largest city in Germany!
Osric- Anglo-Saxon name
Sigurd- Sigurd or Seigfreid is a legendary hero of Norse mythology who made the sword "Gram"
Orn- something that involves urine....
Egil- A Norse Masculine name

-I will continue this tommorow for now I have to go to Italian lessons so
Happy Hatching

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