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Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Dragon Hoarde pack + Ravenwood Ball

If you didn't know already there is a new card pack in the crowns shop! It is called the dragon's hoard and you can get some EPIC stuff. Each pop costs 399 crowns and gives you seven items! They are all dragon related- Dragon Skull housing item- Dragonfruit snack- Snapdragons- etc. There are also two mounts that I know of-
The Epic Bone Dragon which was the first Ultra-Rare Item I got-
It is literaly like the BIGGEST mount and it has a HUGE wingspan!
There are also dragon wings which are like wing mounts except uber scaly and again- HUGE!
 Awesome two handed action straight from Lord of the Rings!! Also I don't know if it is a glitch but if you equip wings while holding the sword it becomes one-handed....
Ehhhh who cares?!
Also when you run you look just like Aragorn!


That armor is the armor that's from the set there is a set for each school.
Here is the full life set:

It is really good!
I am guessing there is one for each school...
I have the full life set, boots that give you "10% accuracy for 4 turns" spell
and a robe that gives "Water Elemental Polymorph"

I made a short video showing off some of the stuff (below)

Yeah also I am going to the raven wood ball as Thor! So Cya there


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  1. Hey, Kieran glad you're back in the blogosphere. I tried about 30 times and finally got my dragon mount. But I came here to say that when you have wings on it does become one-handed. Just letting you know. -Thunderblade