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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Contest- 10$ Gift Card

Hellow Fans!!
So el audianco? Do you want to tell me stuff?! Do you want to vote on stuff?! Do you want to give me ideas for stuff?!! Do you want to do stuff?! DO?! YOU?! WANT?! TO?! STUFF?!
Of coarse you do!
But seriously fans, it's me after a long while. Last time you heard from me I was talking about racist assassins. Kusassin Klux Klan! No but seriously. Blogger heard me talking about them racist assassins, and they listened. No body should be racist. Or an assassin. Both of those SUCK! But assassins are awesome. But not good. But anyways. I need your help. Yes yours. You. You and you only. No body else. Just YOU!
I need YOU to tell me what you think. So my racist assassin friend who only kills people virtualy and I are making a youtube channel. CALLED:
Also I'm thinking of making my own side channel.
So what I need you to help me with is ideas. For what you may ask. T-SHIRTS!

I already have a few- Now where you come in is in the comments YOU need to tell me either which one you like most, or make one up-with a description and a random sentence on the side. This is where the contest comes in- I will choose the top four T-Shirt submissions-then I will post them on the side- Then YOU PEOPLE will vote. What does the winner get you may ask? A $10 711 W101 GIFTCARD!

So to enter the contest you must do the second of the two options. OR DO BOTH. WHO CARES?!

So now for my T-Shirt IDEAS

1- Front Text- "This is what happens when you ditch us"
Under neath or on back- Picture of city with random stuff attacking it- Also Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer fighting on a roof.

2-Front Text- "Where's the OFF button on this thing?!"
Picture is circle around off button.

3- Front Text- "MEN DONT GET COLD"


4-Thatz it-
So Comment down below and the contest end in hmm 2 week. YEAH!
-Kieran S.


  1. Ok for a tee-shirt idea: This picture: http://www.codeodor.com/images/frozenpolefail.jpg
    and on the back it says: "Ralphie! Ralphie come back!" If you have not seen the movie "A Christmas Story", then you will not get this awesome reference.

    tee shirt idea number 2: this picture: http://www.taltopia.com/media/90/90234/Flat-Squirrel-.jpg
    and the caption below it; "Squirrel on the ground! Squirrel on the ground! Lookin kinda freaked out on the road downtown!" if you don't get it, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMwhl4IrPNc

    and I think I like your second tee shirt idea best.


  2. I think you should put George bush getting eating by a giant hamburger and I like you 2 idea

  3. I like idea 2! :D

  4. The text on the front should say OMG IT'S MUTATED!!!!!And then on the back it would have Jack Black and Yoda Fighting a Giant Pickle and it's says RAAAAA!!!!

  5. I cant even read the post! EVIL CLASHING COLORS! AH! IT HURTS MY RUSSIAN EYES!