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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WGR #1 - P.o.P. The Forgotten Sands

Okay, so i'm starting this new thing called WGR or Wii Game Review. Which may be expanded to XBOX-360 Game Review because I WANT ONE SOOO BAD! Mostly for Assassin's Creed...
Anyways- Back to the real review-

Step 1- Pros:
Awesome game. Very Long (in a good way). The fighting aspect is very big, though there is not enough.

Step 2 - Cons:
There is not enough fighting which was already mentioned. There is not much freedom, you must do it all accoreding to story and a few secrets, there is not enough exploring... Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has a lot more of that...

Small Character Bios-

The Prince-
He is the main character of the story-He has 3 outfits: the normal one- the Sans of Time one- and The Dark Prince one. He can run on walls for short periods of time. And is a ninja with a sword. He is somewhat of a ninja on acrobatics.

Zahra is a magical djaan (female djinn) that the prince bought in his travels. She has the power to slow traps and enemies. She also has the power to strengthen djinn orbs. She is played by Player 2.

The Beast-
The prince's main goal is to get a kingdom of his own, and a princess. Zahra takes him to the kingdom of Izhindar a place the gods make. There is a strange evil plant thing that "infected" the kingdom. It is led by some person called the Sorceress of the Haoma. Zahra tells you to find the blade and the beast to kill the Haoma.

Haoma Soldier-
Standard Enemy- no problem to kill

An enemy thats strong from a distance but has low health up front. Kill fast.

Minotaur Champion-
Very strong beast with high health. Also has shield so you must punch to get rid of it. I like punch, punch, whirlwind, whirlwind, punch, punch, etc. Then once the shield is done I like to sword, sword, whirlwind, whirlwind, sword, etc.

A -ish health creature with twin blades. Strong with blades but can put them together and shoot strong arrows. Kill incredibly fast.

Haoma's Priestess-
A strange creature. Has ish health but can strengthen her teammates. Utilize the Spirit Hook paralasys power to stun her, then attack, as she can dodge any other attacks.

Chthonian Beast-
High health, high power, kill using hunter's leap mostly.

Temptress Assassin-
She is very hard. Takes about three hits to kill but can teleport. She has high damage.

The Gaurdian-
First boss you fight. First just smashes with hand, once you get him to low health you need to do a sequence using a and swinging the wii remote. Then you chop off his head and HE GRABS ANOTHER HEAD OFF THE WALL! That happens a couple of times.

That's about it for this WGR!
OH, wait one thing I forgot to mention!
PATIENCE there are some puzzles that are SOOO FREAKING HARD. PAtience. At one point I started talking about the princes mom, and he's like "No one talks about my mom like that" and I'm like "someone does and that someone is me" then he's like "yeah.." so then we agreed that I would stop. Then I'm like "can I talk about your mom?" and he's like "what? NO, NO WAY!"

So Happy Questiong

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