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Friday, January 28, 2011

Uber Super Huge Hits

I just got a huge hit so I'm going to show you all my uber hits.

#1-Alone-Late 2009-
Spell Used-Triton
Damage Inflicted- 12,915

2-With Malorn Stormwrath-Friend Irl- Early 2010
Spell Used- Triton
Damage Inflicted- 69,623

3-With Aaron Goldflame- Friend Irl- Late 2010
Spell used- Leviathan
Damage Inflicted-896,417

Just Thought that might be cool

 4-With AaronGoldflame- Friend Irl- Early 2011
Spell Used- Leviathan with Gargantuan
Damage done- 1,500,000!

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