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Monday, January 17, 2011

Superhero Conflicts Please Pick

 In school we are writing about superheroes. My superhero, the uber ninja fire shooting Mr. Fyre is looking for a conflict ideaa. PLEASE VOTE TO THE RIGHT:) THNX

Conflict A - Magical Zombies
Dr. Improbable has gotten some magical, shiny, rocks from India.  Whoever he throws them at turns into a magical zombie.  Dr. Improbable is going to throw them at all the major political leaders of the world (Barak Obama, Dimitriy Medvedev, Hu Jintao, etc) throwing the world into a state of turmoil.  Mr. Fyre sneaks into Dr. Improbable’s mansion to steal the stones.  Dr. Improbable tries to stop him with it ending in an epic fight.  When Fyre is about to beat Improbable, the evil doctor turns into a cat and Mr. Fyre can’t find him, but he talks.  “I can see you but you can’t see me.”  Mr. Fyre looks around and sees the cat; “I am not a cat!” says Dr. Improbable giving away that he is the cat.  When Mr. Fyre goes to the cat, Dr. Improbable tries again, “I am not a cat!  I am a cat named Whiskers!” Dr. Improbable morphs back and kicks Mr. Fyre in the leg.  He then goes to get one of the rocks.  Mr. Fyre shoots fire at Dr. Improbable setting his cape on fire.  As Dr. Improbable is rolling on the ground, yelping, Mr. Fyre runs to get the rocks and escapes through the conveniently placed door that says “EXIT” in large pink letters.

            Conflict B - Bad to the Bone
The evil morgue owner, Wraith, makes plans to create an army of mutant undead warriors.  Mr. Fyre needs to stop this. He gathers the super hero league: himself, Meto Morph, The Tenacious Bull, and Jeeves, and they go to the morgue.  Wraith is already there and seems to be waiting for him.  Wraith is starting to create the army for the Zombie Apocalypse so Mr. Fyre and the league need to stop him, NOW.  They charge at Wraith and he disappears into shadows.  There are shadowy footprints appearing on the ground.  This is when Jeeves says “How can we stop something we can’t see?” Then The Tenacious Bull says “We do what I do best. BE TENACIOUS!”  He rams toward the footprints and Wraith gets revealed as he flies toward the Morgue wall. The Tenacious Bull rammed him so hard that there is a crack on the Morgue wall which he collided with.  Wraith is weak but he manages to get up and float to the roof of the morgue.  The crack that The Tenacious Bull has made in the wall cracks more and opens a little.  A grey hand reaches out.  Mr. Fyre says, “We ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!”  They decide to all attack at once.  Mr. Fyre shoots fire out of his palms at the morgue wall, Meto Morph turns into a Gatling gun which Jeeves picks up and shoots at the Morgue wall, and the Tenacious Bull rams it. Eventually the morgue collapses on the slowly growing Zombie Army and Wraith gets knocked out by a piece of rubble.  By the time he is conscious again the police have arrived and he is already handcuffed.

            Conflict C - *under the sea*
An evil mutant called Hydromonsoon was sent by Improbable to “destroy Mr. Fyre and everything he loves…”  Hydromonsoon is a fish man that needs special equipment to breathe on land. The first time Hydromonsoon and Mr. Fyre meet, Fyre is not aware that Hydromonsoon was sent by Improbable.  Mr. Fyre easily defeats who he thinks is “the new Lolzville criminal,” but Hydromonsoon uses a drop of water as a teleportation device and teleports back to his lair, “the octopus’s garden.”  Dr. Improbable tells Hydromonsoon that he will be stronger and Fyre will be weaker in the garden and vice versa in the mantle.  When Mr. Fyre reaches the garden, Hydromonsoon is waiting for him.  Hydromonsoon sneaks up and tries to smack Fyre with his flipper but Fyre dodges.  Then a voice comes over an intercom “Minion, is he dead yet?!” Hydromonsoon responds, “No, boss.” Mr. Fyre is wondering who sent Hydromonsoon when the voice comes again “Minion! Is he dead now?” ”No, boss.” Fyre notices that the voice has an Indian accent, so he knows it’s improbable… that the voice isn’t Doctor Improbable. Mr. Fyre grabs the intercom and throws it into the pool of water Hydromonsoon is standing in. Hydromonsoon gets electrocuted and Fyre calls the police who come quickly and arrest Hydromonsoon.

            Conflict D - Black Lunacy
Dr. Diablo is planning on injecting all his patients with what they think is antibiotics but is actually the disease BLACK LUNACY! Dun, dun, dun! Black Lunacy makes the infected go crazy then die.  Mr. Fyre goes to the hospital where Dr. Diablo works and needs to search the sixteen floors for Dr. Diablo’s office. He finds it on the fourth floor when he gets a call.  It is the mayor of Lolzville informing him that Dr. Diablo has already started injecting.  The body count is 17.  Mr. Fyre bursts into the office and finds Dr. Diablo injecting a patient.  Mr. Fyre kicks Dr. Diablo in the face which makes him drop his syringe.  Dr. Diablo grabs a syringe from a shelf labeled “Spring Eyes - makes injected blind.”  As Dr. Diablo lunges at Fyre, he dodges and grabs Dr. Diablo’s hand and squeezes it until Dr. Diablo drops the syringe. Dr. Diablo gets yet another syringe from a shelf labeled “Sweat Paralysis - paralyzes injected.” He injects Mr. Fyre in the left arm.  Mr. Fyre’s left arm gets paralyzed but he uses his right arm to grab the syringe from Dr. Diablo’s hand. Dr. Diablo tries to get a syringe from the shelf labeled “Shadow Miasma - instantly kills injected” but before he reaches it Mr. Fyre injects him in the back with the Sweat Paralysis syringe stopping him in his tracks. Then Mr. Fyre grabs the syringe from the shelf labeled “Creo Ingo Sanus - antidote.” He injects himself in the left arm and calls the police to arrest the now paralyzed Dr. Diablo.


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